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Lord of the Rings, one of the greatest novels with over 150 million copies being sold so far was written by J.R.R. Tolkien. In fact, this novel is considered to be a follow up to an earlier novel by Tolkein. The story in short, revolves around a ring forged by the dark lord Sauron, which had the power to rule other rings of Power.

Interestingly, this unique story has become an inspiration for many of the modern designers to come out with various merchandise like the jewelry, clothing, various kind of house hold articles and different kinds of products. Some celebrities fans of LOTR have used this merchandise in important occasions. Rumor has it that Bam Margera gave the one ring to Melissa Rothstein as a christmas gift. Other celebrities who are LOTR fans include US president Obama, Queen Margrethe II, Prince Charles and William, Pope Francis, Nicolas Cage and James Cameron. Take a look at some websites selling interesting merchandise based on the "Lord of Rings".

As you may recount; the term ‘Hobbit’ in this website is directly related to the Lord of the Rings because, the ring came to Hobbit before it passed to various other persons. Perhaps, this has influenced this owner of this website to use the term ‘hobbit’ in the URL. This store deals with exclusive collection of Jewelry, clothing, DVD, toys and games and various other products. This agency has used the Trade mark ‘Hobbit’ on all its products and the products are known to be considerably reasonable.

This online stores has introduced to the market different merchandise like the Jewelry, a poster map by name ‘Hobbit’, Role-playing game cane book as also the “Lord of the Rings’ book both in CD and hardcopy format.

As the very name suggest, this store is named after Tolkein, the renowned author of ‘Lord of the Rings’ book. This agency deals with various books penned by Tolkein. That would also be a great tribute to this outstanding author. You can order the book online.

If you have fascination for jewelry, you may visit this store, where you will get several exclusively designed jewelry; each product entitled Lord of the Ring inscribed on it. Apart from this, the store also deals with various books written by Lokein as also other merchandise like table top, computer and video games; and of course as already said every product comes with a prefix ‘Lord of the Rings’. Of course, products have affordable price tag.

This store markets various jewelry articles like the earring, bracelet, pendants made of Gold and Silver. You also find several gift articles, letter openers and also interesting artifacts. The articles also bear the inscription ‘Lord of the Ring’. The articles are known for their reasonable price tag and superior quality.

If you have fascination for playing online games, perhaps you may visit this website which is also called as Lord of the Rings online. This agency offers various kinds of online games and of course, you can also earn money. However, before you start playing the games carefully go through the terms and conditions of the game.

If you are looking for various kinds of computer games, you may visit this site. You can find computer games in DVDs and Pen drive. You find games in different groups like juniors, adults and so on. Each group is further divided into different age groups. All the games are available under the caption ‘Lord of The Ring’.

This online shop markets product under various themes and one of the popular themes is Lord of the Rings. Under this theme, you find several builders set suited for children in different age groups. You also find pendants in different designs. The prices of these products are considerably reasonable.

This online stores markets different kinds of merchandize like the miniature statues, computer games like return of the king and various other popular games, heritage models of Lord of the Ring and various other products, The products are guaranteed for superior quality.

Some of the unique products available in this store are T shirts with the words ‘Lord of the Rings’ printed on both sides of the shirt. You also find cigar pipe, swords and various other artifacts with attractive inscription of the words ‘lord of the Swords’. The merchandize are available in varying price range.